Michael 'Creepy' Munday of Middleton Grange, NSW - Scammer Report

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This is a warning to anyone planning on doing business with Michael Munday (a.k.a. Liam Adam Munday). He has taken money from a lot of people and not given the goods promised (via defunct businesses like Yadnum Computers, Level 4 Technology, and other sham fronts).

Mobile No. Confirmed

Michael's correct mobile number is 0456 899 230 - this has been confirmed as he's been harassing me lately (threats, etc).

Munday provides the following email addresses on his website: contact@michaelmunday.com.au and business@remedymusic.co

He also provides a Skype ID: officialmichaelmunday

If you would like to discuss this matter, you can contact me via: louis_mar@hotmail.com or 0401 151 599.

Michael's Address Confirmed

Munday's address is: 24 Onslow Gardens, Middleton Grange, NSW, 2171, Australia. This address is being provided in case you need to serve legal documents on him or register a bad debt against him with a service like: DebtPayable, Prushka, or CreditorWatch.

We have yet another address for Munday:
Suit 106, Level 21, 210 Miller St., Sydney, NSW, 2000. He is putting this on ridiculous invoices he's generated.

Who Put the 'Creepy' in Munday?

Answer: Munday did. Read His wife left him. So he started a massive social media campaign to get her back ← mamamia.com.au took down the article mid-September/2017. Taking down the article like that is disrespectful to the people who took the time to post comments (which mamamia.com.au invited them to do). I've made available a PDF of just the comments for The Michael Loves Melissa campaign: cute or creepy? article.

Latest Activities - March/2019

It appears Munday is attempting to reinvent himself and distance himself from his questionable past by claiming to be a DJ and writer. I think he's come to a point where its very difficult for him to get away with conning people now, he's just drawn too much attention from the police. The police have shown they are willing to investigate him, charge him, and take him through the court system (on multiple occasions now). There's more details below in the section titled Munday's Press Release Feb/2019.

Identifying Michael Munday

Note: Munday's ID was NOT stolen as he will claim. Munday willingly gave it to customers victims as part of his ruse to make them think he was a legitimate businessman (see proof).

Michael Munday's drivers license

Michael Munday's passport

Where Munday's ID came from

Where Munday's ID came from

liam adam munday

The Short Version

On 29th December 2008 I placed an order for a 28" LCD monitor via the Yadnum Computers website (www.yadnum.com.au). $757.95 AUD was paid to Yadnum Computers via PayPal. The merchandise was never sent and the money was never refunded. After many attempts to contact the proprietor of the business, Michael Munday, no explanation was ever given as to why the merchandise was not sent or why a refund was never provided.

Timeline in Detail

This is my personal experience with being ripped off by Michael Munday:

29/Dec/2008 - order placed for a 28" LCD monitor online (i.e. product model Viewsonic VX2835WM 28"W). The order was placed online via the Yadnum Computers website (www.yadnum.com.au). $757.95 AUD is drawn out of my account to pay for the product.

6/Jan/2009 - over two weeks after placing the order, I had still not received the item. After repeated contact attempts, I have been ignored by the seller and no effort what-so-ever has been made by Michael Munday to get in touch with me. I have emailed the seller on 4 occasions since the purchase and phoned twice. For both phone calls I got an answering machine and left a message for them to call me back (my calls were never returned). In my contact attempts, I had made it known to the seller I would lodge a dispute with the provider of their online credit card payment facilities and with the NSW consumer body. My warnings were also ignored.

16/Jan/2009 - lodged complaint with NSW Fair Trading Centre. The seller, Michael Munday, didn't respond to the NSW Fair Trading representative's calls or letters.

23/Jan/2009 - PayPal manages to recover $237.45 AUD for me, leaving $520.50 AUD still to be refunded (note: Paypal has disabled the Yadnum Computers PayPal account so his website can no longer receive payments that way).

10/Feb/2009 - official complaint for fraud lodged with Victoria police.

Contacting Munday

If you've had 'unfavorable dealings' with Munday (i.e. he's ripped you off too), I encourage you to get in touch with him and ask him for his side of the story. If you happen to get one, please let me know what it is as I've yet to see a reasonable explanation for what he does.

His contact details are as follows:

Phone: 1300 858 742
Fax: 1300 858 743
Email: michaelmunday@gmail.com
Skype ID: officialmichaelmunday

Postal Address
24 Onslow Gardens
Middleton Grange, 2171

Warehouse Address
Yadnum Computers Pty Ltd.
Unit 22 19-26 Durian Place
Wetherill Park NSW 2164

Supporting Evidence

Police Report

This is the police report for the complaint I lodged against Michael Munday for fraud:

Police report against Munday for fraud

Police report against Munday for fraud

Police report against Munday for fraud

Proof of Purchase

These are receipts for what I bought from Munday:

Proof of purchase

Proof of purchase

Police & Authorities Unsuccessful in Stopping Munday

Result of Police Investigation

51 pages of supporting evidence was provided to police to demonstrate that Munday is a con man, not a failed business man like he claims.

Previously I had been saying police failed to act. This was initially true when I first reported the case back in 2009 - I had to go to great efforts to get them to investigate Munday. However, in the last few years I don't believe this to be the case.

All I've ever wanted is to have my day in court with Munday. If a magistrate says: "not guilty" - fair enough, he's been judged - I'll let it go. But this has yet to happen, so the best we can do is present facts about Munday's actions and let people draw their own conclusions.

Munday Con man

Munday Con man

Munday's Press Release Feb/2019

Munday has put up a page on his website titled Department Of Public Prosecutions Withdraw Charges. The gist of it is this:

• In 2016 the NSW police arrested Michael Munday
• Munday was charged with the offence Stalk/intimidate intend fear physical or harm
• Munday was initially held in custody without bail
• Munday admits he breached his order not to contact his ex-wife
• Michael was in and out of court 37 times from 2016 to 2019
• the police prosecutor eventually withdrew the case because they didn't have the evidence they needed to guarantee a conviction if the trail proceeded.

Intervention (restraining) Orders are very strict about the accused not contacting the victim. Munday ignored these rules and went ahead and contacted his ex anyway. So the police picked him up and prosecuted. The crime which Munday was prosecuted for is very serious, it can potentially land a person in jail for 2-5 years.

Now Munday claims his emails to his ex-wife were not threatening, and two of the emails were replies from his ex (telling him to stop contacting her most likely). It's beside the point what the content of the emails are, when a magistrate tells you: "you are to have no contact with this person what-so-ever" - you do it, or you wind up back in court.

Charges withdrawn

So why did the police prosecutor fail to get a conviction? I can only speculate on this, but the 37 court appearances has something to do with, as does the charge being withdrawn (rather than a 'not guilty' finding).

Prosecutors are very reliant on two kinds of evidence to guarantee a win in court: 1) admission of guilt by the defendant (self-incrimination), or 2) police eye-witness testimony (i.e. the police actually see the person committing the crime). Anything less can be challenged in court. A prosecutor generally won't follow through with a case unless they are pretty much guaranteed a guilty verdict. The reason for this is because if they lose (i.e. a not guilty verdict), the defendant is entitled to be reimbursed for his legal fees (could be thousands of dollars). However, if charges are withdrawn, then the defendant can't claim costs. In addition, if a prosecutor loses a case, it's a mark against their name/career. If the case is dropped, it doesn't look as bad for them.

So why did the police prosecute Munday when they knew they couldn't secure a conviction? Maybe they were hoping Munday would slip up and incriminate himself, maybe after going back and forth to court a few dozen times, they thought he would give in and change his plea to guilty? But most likely it was a punitive exercise. See, the police prosecutor is at court every day anyway, they get paid to do this stuff. It's not much effort for them to keep getting Munday to come back-and-forth to the courthouse (as long as their not overtly wasting the magistrate's time). The police have received so many complaints about Munday over the years, this is the best they could do (i.e. dragging Munday back and forth to court 37 times over a space of 2 years).

Response to Munday's Retaliatory Website

Michael isn't happy about the information on this and other websites. If he didn't want people talking about the dodgy things he's done - then don't do those things.

He's started his own counter/retaliatory campaign. The difference between his website and mine is the evidence and paper-trail. You will find Munday provides nothing by way of supporting documentation on his site.

MMs site

His documents weren't stolen, he willingly gave them to people to gain their trust. For example, he emailed a scan of his license to michelle1@virginbroadband.com.au on 5/Mar/2010. She bought a camera off Munday on eBay for $814, except Munday never sent the camera to her.

MMs site
I sympathies with Munday's ex. And wish to say to her bravo for doing what she needed to do to improve her situation. This does explain some things. Previously I had thought Munday was a just a greedy weasel, now I'm starting to think something isn't right with him in the head. This doesn't excuse the things he's done though.

MMs site
I don't believe that for a second. I'd like to see some documentation on that (police report or correspondence). Hackers don't break into a person's Twitter account to start some long winded saga about suicide.

MMs site
Does he mean me? Everything I say on this website is backed up by names, dates, paper-trail and official documents (e.g. police reports). He freely gave out his identification to people to build confidence.

MMs site
Munday is verifying that he's been investigated. People don't get investigated for no reason. Customers/victims have to go to great efforts to lodge a complaint with the police or Consumer Affairs - we don't do it for fun or to target random people!

Munday agreed to refund my money:
MMs site
That was back in 2009! He's still not paid his debt.

MMs site
Is he saying this website is fraudulent - in what way? I'm not saying I'm Michael Munday, and I'm not asking for money from anyone. All the statements I make about Munday are backed by documentation.

MMs site
I'd like to see some evidence of what charities Munday has volunteered time to. Tip: people who actually do volunteer work or donate to charities rarely say they do.

I wouldn't go so far as to call Munday a monster. He's just been taking money from people for goods which he doesn't give them. There is definitely something up with this guy, but he's no mastermind.

MMs site
I don't believe Munday is referring to me here. Nothing on my site is false or misleading - everything has names, dates, emails, and documents attached for verification.

The information people have posted about Munday online is a result of his own actions. People wouldn't be posting stuff about him if he hadn't wronged them in some way. People are pissed off at him - the police have not been able to get anywhere, so we're putting out warnings so others don't fall for Munday's tricks.

MMs site
All I have ever wanted was my day in court with Munday. Hopefully that day will be soon. There's been no point in me filing a civil claim against him as he cries poor when he loses cases. There's two instances I know of where people have taken Munday to tribunals and won. In one of the cases, the sheriff was sent around to his house to collect on his debt, Munday said he had no assets - that they all belonged to his mum. This doesn't sound like an 'educated man who holds several degrees to me'. Here's some of the tribunal documents:

MMs site

MMs site

Criminal Cases Against Munday

Looks like Munday has a busy week coming up:

michael adam munday criminal court case

NSW Court Lists

You'd think he'd spend time preparing for his defence, but instead he's wasting it lodging bogus debts against me with collection agencies (which they just drop once I explain to them Munday is taking them for a ride).